End of Year Traditions

Here in Australia we are coming to the end of the school year and it has got me thinking about some of the end of year activities I do each year with my students. I love to do some fun activities but I try to keep them to the final week or two of school because things can get a bit crazy otherwise!

I usually teach older primary students (11-12 years old), so they are able to do lots around the classroom to help out and they LOVE it. I get them to clean their own desks, trays and chairs and they love to help me take down artwork and student displays. Here is a great checklist for students that I will be using next year: https://mandystipsforteachers.com/end-is-near-end-is-near/

Because I am teaching older students who are graduating from primary school, a lot of the end of year activities are set by the school – graduation ceremony, camp and dinner-dance. It is great to be a teacher that gets to share these experiences with the students, but it’s also a LOT of extra work.

Last year I made a cute autograph page for my students and used it for the first time. They loved walking around the school in the last week and getting autographs from teachers and students. It was also a lovely way for them to seek out favourite past teachers and thank them for a great time at school. I have a FREEBIE here that you can download:

Click on the image for your FREE Autograph Page.

Since I’ve been having some time off, I’ve been able to create a whole booklet ready for next year. I can’t wait to use this with my next class. Click on the image below to get it for yourself!

Click on this image to take a look at my new End of Year booklet.

What traditions and activities do you do at the end of the school year? Let me know in the comments section.

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