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How I create easy, affordable birthday gifts for my class.

I make a point of giving a small memento to students in my class to celebrate their birthdays. I usually teach a “split” class (more than one grade in the same classroom), so the children in my class range in age from 9 to 12 years old (and sometimes 13) throughout the school year. Even though the children are almost teenagers, I am always surprised and delighted with how much they love to sing Happy Birthday a get a birthday sticker to wear for the day. For some students, their circumstances out of school mean that they don’t have much celebration at home for their birthday and I love it that we can do something small to make the day special for them.

However, this can get expensive, especially when you have up to 32 students in the class. Over the years I have found a couple of small gifts which are easy to make, inexpensive and loved by the students. After singing Happy Birthday, each student chooses a birthday sticker which I buy from a teacher supply store. I also give them a birthday certificate which I have made myself as an editable document. When I get my student list for the upcoming year, I make up the birthday certificates, laminate them and keep them in alphabetical order on my desk. This way, whenever a student birthday arrives throughout the year, I can easily find their certificate. Click on the image below to download my editable birthday certificates:

Editable birthday certificates.

I also give each student a small “cupcake”. I make them using pom poms and small cupcake wrappers. I make the large pom poms myself, but of course you can just buy these from a craft store. I buy the tiny pom poms from a craft store because I can’t make them this small myself. These make a cute and affordable gift for students. Check out the images below to see how I make them – it’s so easy. Just use some PVA craft glue to hold them together.


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