Classroom Decoration

Do you put much thought into how your classroom looks? I do, especially whenever a new school year begins. I have always thought that the care you take in presenting your classroom tells your students just how much you care about them.

Clutter can be a problem in any classroom, so I try to have good storage solutions. I have even asked co-teachers to come into my room and give me some critical feedback on what needs changing about my room decoration. There’s nothing better than seeing your classroom with fresh eyes.

I also have lots of houseplants in the room. I’m a keen gardener and I love to get home and tend to my garden after work each day – such a great way to reduce stress! If you are looking for some houseplants for your classroom that are very easy care, I recommend: snake plants, cast iron plants (aspidistra), devil’s ivy and spider plants. These plants can all take fairly low light and will survive if you forget about them for a while.

I love to display lots of student work too and I always take care to put up some meaningful posters and artwork around the room too. I have a great FREEBIE A3 poster for readers to download too. Just click on the image below!

Here are some more of my own designs that I use in my classroom:

What do you do to make your classroom feel welcoming for your students? Send me a comment to let me know!

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